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IT Mastermind 2017

IT Mastermind 2017 is a famous and a leading television programme which telecast in ITN. The selection round of this competetion was held on 5th October 2017 at ESOFT, Matara. Thinura Kodithuwakku, Sankha Bimsara and Lakmina Pramodya had participated in that occassion and archieved the second place out of 6 schools in Matara and selected to the preliminory round of IT mastermind 2017. ( 21th of Sri Lanka)

On 2nd of November 2017, the preliminory round had been held and we had faced to it agains Thirston College - Colombo and the Maliyadewa Balika Vidyalaya - Kurunagala. It's happy to mention that we had managed to win the 1st runners up in that round. It is sad to say that we were unable to select for the semi-final round but it is a great pleasure to participate in that occassion.