Library Management System Installation

On 2018 - May - 11...

On the above day we had achieved a great milestone in school history. Until the above day, the library of our school was handled with a manual system using manually written cards... etc. But this day we was able to install the new library management system for our library. This is a summarized description about that event.

Project Name                       : Library management System
Project Period                      : About 5 Months ( 2018 January To May )
Teacher In Charge               : Mr. L.K. Weerasena
Project Leader                     : Thinura Kodithuwakku ( G.C.E. (A/L) 2019 )

Software Design                   : Thinura Kodithuwakku ( As above mentioned )
Software Programming       : Sankha Bimsara Ambepitiya ( G.C.E. (A/L) 2020 )
Data Entry                            : 11  Project members related to the grade 12 - D ( G.C.E. (A/L) 2019 )
Testing And Debugging       : Sankha Bimsara Ambepitiya ( As above mentioned )
                                               : Thinura Kodithuwakku ( As above mentioned )

Special acknowledgement will be given to...

Mr.   W.B. Piyathissa ( Principal of St. Thomas' College )
Mrs. M.S.F. Risla ( ICT Teacher )
Mrs. Chandima Gamage ( ICT Teacher )
Mrs. Gunawardana ( Chief Librarian )
Mrs. Deepthi Ganewaththa ( Assistant Librarian )
Mr.   P.H.S. Mangala ( Master In Charge of Media Unit of St. Thomas' College )
Isira Induwara and other media unit memebers
all others who helped even with a word...

Here are the lens caught moments...



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